Lake Neva-Lyly

Neva-Lyly is a small lake in Alkkia, Karvia. The lake is surrounded by a 1.3-kilometre duckboard trail, and there is a lake-side kota hut and campfire site – all built by local volunteers. Visitors will find firewood in the wood shed. There is also sauna and an outhouse in the area.

The surroundings of Lake Neva-Lyly invite visitors of all shapes and sizes – locals, tourists and families alike – for a refreshing visit. You can even take a break from all the outdoor activities and take dip in the cool lake. The kota hut and campfire is suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

You can find Wilpertti‘s cottage from Neva-Lyly, Wilpertti is the troll mascot and tourism ambassador of Willi Karvia.

Other attractions near Lake Neva-Lyly are Alkkianvuori hill and the Cemetery for Soviet prisoners of war.

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