Cemetery for Soviet prisoners of war

During the Winter War, POW Camp 2 was set up next to the reserve prison of Karvia in the Tuohisalo houses and cowsheds that were built by the prisoners. Furthermore, the prison camp known as Rihkaan siirtola was established. During the Winter War, there were at most around 1,000 prisoners of war in Karvia, but their captivity was rather short-lived. After the Winter War, plans were made to shut down the Karvia reserve prison, but the idea was buried when the Continuation War started.

During the Continuation War, POW Camp 2 operated in Karvia from July 1941 to October 1942. In addition to actual prisoners of war, the camp housed civilians brought in from occupied territories. The 500–900 prisoners of war were placed in the prison camp of Rihkaa. Initially, the prisoners of war were involved primarily in forest work. In the winter of 1942, the mortality rate among the prisoners became very high due to insufficient upkeep and the harsh working conditions.

A total of 269 prisoners of war died in Karvia, and they were buried in the cemetery located close to the Rihkaa barracks. The prisoner mortality started to decrease when work was found for them at the nearby farms and industrial plants. The POW camp of Karvia was shut down in October 1942, and the prisoners were moved primarily to POW Camp 1 in Köyliö. In turn, Finnish political prisoners were brought from Köyliö to Rihkaa.


Signposts lead to the site from Alkkiantie road. When coming from Karvia, turn right from Alkkiantie road and follow the signposts. The site is not accessible by car; visitors must walk a short distance on duckboards and paths. The site is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.


Other attractions near the cemetery for Soviet prisoners of war are Lake Neva-Lyly and Alkkianvuori hill.

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