Swimming areas

There are five public swimming beaches in Karvia, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the crisp, cool waters.


Kirkkojärvi swimming beach (Kiviluomantie 32, 39930 Karvia)

A public beach right next to the town centre. There are changing rooms, a pier and a grill shelter at the beach. The area also offers possibilities for camping and carpet washing.


Sarvela swimming beach (Alkkiantie 125, 39960 Karvia)

A public beach in the village of Sarvela. There is a changing cubicle and a grill shelter in the area.


Lake Neva-Lyly (Alkkiantie 1454, 39990 Karvia)

Read more on Lake Neva-Lyly.


Sara swimming beach (Rantatie 145, 39965 Karvia)

A shallow beach in the northern part of the municipality.


Marjasuo swimming beach (Uimarannantie, 39960 Karvia)

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