Horse ranch Rajakallion Ratsutila

Come and spend time with horses and enjoy horse-back riding in the beautiful country setting of Karviankylä!
Jenni Rajakallio, Horse Mistress of Willi Karvia


At Rajakallio horse ranch, the peaceful atmosphere of the stables welcomes each and every visitor. The clean, inviting and safe Rajakallio horse ranch is a recreational horse stable, approved by the Equestrian Federation of Finland.

All activities are overseen by a trained and experienced instructor. The horses of Rajakallio, Urski, Usko, Vili and Ipana, are gentle creatures, perfectly suited for riding lessons. However, all of them also have a hint of the wild spirit of Willi Karvia in them! For riding lessons, the ranch has a fenced 20×50 sand arena with lighting, where visitors are also welcome with their own horses.

Rajakallion Ratsutila horse ranch regularly organisers various events and riding camps, offering visitors unforgettable experiences in an idyllic heath forest landscape.

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